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The Alcohol Class

A Really Good Choice

Our underage alcohol awareness class is a convenient way to complete a court ordered, PO, diversion or school required program.

You can take the class from any location in the United States, Europe, Canada or Australia with a computer and internet access. There is nothing to download or print, simply register, log in, pay and begin your alcohol class.

Our Online Alcohol Class:

24 hour / 7 day a week access

100% online

Nationwide acceptance

Much less expensive

No added fees

Immediate Proof of Enrollment

Nothing to download

No delays - Start now

Support 7 days a week

Work at your own pace

Start and stop at any time

No appointment necessary

Use home computer or public library

No embarrassing groups

Short 20-30 minute chapters

Easy to understand

Green - No driving, no gas

A world class learning experience

User friendly

Free Certificate of Completion

Certificate immediately available

Money back guarantee

** Also available as a workbook

Get Started

Our Philosophy

Change your thoughts and you change your world .

~Norman Vincent Peale
(1898 - 1993)

A 4 hour Distance Learning Alcohol Awareness Class

Our online alcohol/MIP class avoids judgments, put downs and threats of consequences. Our goal is to provide honest and accurate information regarding alcohol consumption without bias. This program was designed by Masters level counselors and a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor practiioner who have worked with this population for over 30 years. Please be advised, The Alcohol Class is not intended to be a treatment or intervention program. The Alcohol Class is an education and alcohol awareness program.

An Online MIP Alcohol Education Class or
also available in a Workbook

The Alcohol Class is an alcohol awareness class offered 100% online or it can be delivered through the mail as a Workbook. The online class requires a free Outcome Alternatives® account registration where a username and password are created. Once registered, the student picks the class, makes payment and works through each of the short chapters. Once the class has been completed, a Certificate of Completion is immediately issued. Upon request Outcome Alternatives® staff will emboss and mail a certificate, fax it or send a copy by email. The workbook costs slightly more because of added printing, binding and shipping costs. For workbook clients, the exams can be taken online or be mailed to our central office so we can verify successful completion of each chapter. The Certificate of Completion can be mailed, faxed or emailed to any person specified; simply contact us upon completion.

We aim to make it E-A-S-Y !

MIP Alcohol Class

Online Class
This is a 100% completely online alcohol awareness class that is 100% self-paced. Our alcohol awareness class is offered by the reputable Outcome Alternatives® series of online distance learning classes and was developed by experts. It is a 4 hour class and can be taken on your timelines in the comfort of your own home.

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Or, instead of taking the online alcohol/MIP class, you can take it by mail with our workbook. class for only $69.

Click "Buy Now" below to purchase the WORKBOOK.

Less Expensive

One fee, no added fees. Our online alcohol awareness class set an industry standard as the nation's premier provider of an online alcohol awareness class.

Four hour online MIP class:
Only $44.99

Our Alcohol Class Correspondence Workbook course costs $69. Take either the online alcohol awareness class or the workbook class - not both.

Pay for your alcohol class with VISA or PayPal after you register or mail us a check. For a variety of reasons, many people can not attend in-person alcohol awareness classes, or cannot find an alcohol awarenessclass that is located in their area. For many reasons, an online MIP class makes sense.


Our Online MIP Alcohol Awareness / Alcohol Education Class was developed by a Master's level expert and a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor (CADC) with over 45 years of real world experience.

The curriculum is as follows:


1. History of Alcohol
2. What’s the Big Deal
3. The Levels of Use
4. Who is at Risk?
5. Our Values
6. The Choices We Make
7. Making Up Your Own Mind
8. Summary and Final Exam

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Your Certificate of Completion is available immediately upon completion of your class. Each chapter is activated upon completion of the previous one. Once the last chapter has been completed the Certificate of Completion is activated and immediately available for you. Or, if you want an embossed Certificate, no problem, no charge- just ask!

Be careful, others charge a Certificate embossing fee and/or a "Report" fee. We have no added fees.


We make it convenient!

Accepted by person referring you,

Guaranteed and nationally accepted

Quick Registration

Affordable - Only $44.99

Pay with credit card or PayPal

One Fee - No added charges

Available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week

We make it easy!

Efficient - Won't miss work or school

No travel time and no travel costs

No group of strangers

Effective - Evidence based strategy

Stop and Start on your timelines

Immediate Certificate of Completion

Be GREEN - no driving, no gas